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Music People:

Sharon Abreu

Linda Allen

Harry Belafonte

Oscar Brand

Steven Brant & the Phantoms

Chris Chandler

Ray Collins

Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford

Randy Crafton and Amy Platt

Lydia Adams Davis

Anne Feeney

Judy Gorman

Bev Grant

Jerome Harris

Richie Havens

Lisa Hogan

Susan Horowitz

Sue Jeffers

Charlie King & Karen Brandow

Kenny Klein

Guy Langlois "Ambiance"


Lara & Yael

Heather Lev

George Mann & Julius Margolin

The Marvelous Musical Martins

John McCutcheon

Barry Mitterhoff

Honey Novick

Tom Paxton

Suni Paz

John Pietaro

Anne Price

Rick and Andy

Perry Robinson

Leon Rosselson

Pete Seeger

Patti Smith

Jose Luis Sepulveda

Steve Suffet

Len Wallace

Laura Warfield

Danielle Woerner

Liz Zelvin



Music Organizations:


American Federation of Musicians Local 1000  - the union local for traveling musicians

acousticmusic.com - links to venues, performers, other resources

Ballad Tree - a grand collection of online folk music resources of every description, presided over by ace songwriter Hugh Blumenfeld

Centre for Political Song - fosters an awareness and appreciation of the role of political songs in the social, political and cultural life of communities and facilitates research in all relevant areas of study

Folk Alliance - a US and Canadian membership organization devoted to the many and diverse needs and interests of the folk music community

Freefolk - bi-monthly online folk music magazine:  the real thing!  includes articles, reviews, directories, audio and more

Hard Miles Music - independent record label featuring activist and romantic songwriters

Hermitage Acoustics - musician Jeff Barlow's source site for great acoustic music

Indie Music - bands, magazine, music resources

Labor Heritage Foundation

Labor Notes Song of the Month

MUSE - Musicians United to Sustain the Environment

Music of the Detroit Newspaper Strike

musiCentral - great listing site for independent musicians

Musicians United for Songs In the Classroom, Inc. (M.U.S.I.C.) - a site promoting the interdisciplinary use of popular music in education with links and info on thousands of songs

New Songs For Peace - a wonderful collection of songs to promote peace, cultural acceptance and understanding for those who work towards peace throughout the world. NSFP was established as an official project of the UN's Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

New Song Library - song resource library that collects and preserves songs about people's lives, hopes and struggles

Peoples Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle

Peoples' Voice Cafe

Pinewoods Folk Music Club

Singer/Songwriter Directory

Songs of Freedom - NYC's award winning musical cable TV show with great guests and important topics too often ignored by other media

Union Songs - For over two centuries, working people around the world have been building trade unions. Union Songs documents songs and poems made in the process.


People & Organizations to Know:


Economy Connection - EC puts people who are knowledgeable in various areas of the economy in touch with people who want this information to further their political activities.  EC is a project of the Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE).

Quad Right - the friendly and talented graphic designers who create all the Band's album covers and graphics


All People's Day - a holiday celebration with multicultural programs that help children, adults, and seniors see and embrace the beauty of their diversity

Bridges of Peace - the non-profit that organized a toys for peace effort where US school children donated toys to be given to children in Iraq and Afghanistan by US soldiers; it works for peace through the arts and music

Creative Women's Network - inspiration, healing, education, empowerment, artistic collaboration & more

Eat Well Guide - amazing site that helps you find sustainable food from local farms, restaurants & markets; it promotes community based solutions for the production and consumption of food & energy; learn about good food, blog about it, take action

Eco-Logic - NYC radio & live-on-the-internet forum for the expression of ecological thought, analysis and activist endeavors with Ken Gale & David Occhiuto

Good News Broadcast - huge, wonderful web site brimming with important, inspiring news, stories, videos, music, talk and more

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater & NYC Friends of Clearwater

IGC - host site for PeaceNet, EcoNet, WomensNet, AntiRacismNet

International Labor Office of the UN - free download of its "Trade Unions and Child Labour: 1. Guide to the Booklets" which includes lyrics and story of Ray's sweatshop song about the tragic fire in Thailand

KC Labor - a very special site "for working people" with sections on Organizing, Know Your Rights, Unions, Solidarity, Safety, Retirees, Labor Law, Culture, Labor, History, Labor Education, Environment, Globalization, Health Care, Social Security, Transit Labor, Information, Arts, Labor Party, Shopping

Labor Notes - indispensable journal of labor news, features and resources

LAWCHA - an organization of scholars, union members, students & citizens promoting an understanding of working class people, their communities and organizations in the US

Local 174 UAW - This attractive site features the beautiful 1930's labor mural
painted by Walter Speck which the union is restoring and has given a home; video and musical work relating to labor issues, and lots of useful info, too.

Many Shades of Green on BBOX Radio - Maxine Margo Rubin hosts this web available program in Brooklyn, NY, raising environmental and social awareness via culture, politics, music and the arts

Musicians Against Sweatshops - Together, fans and musicians can make sweatshops so unfashionable as to make them unfeasible. Get the facts here.

National Jobs for All Coalition - major resource for employment data, analysis, articles & links addressing both hot-button and perennial issues

the New American Dream - This website is about peace, justice ... protest ... conspiracy ... It's about Truth ... or at least asking questions, being allowed to ask questions. Lots of fascinating analysis and discussion sadly lacking elsewhere. 

New Jersey Independents -  independent progressive political organization which runs and supports candidates and publishes The Independent Voice

NYC Activist Calendar -  a comprehensive calendar including political arts events in the NYC area

NYC Friends of Clearwater - environment activism and education with great music, parties and events

Proposition One - is a grassroots movement for disarmament of nuclear weapons and the conversion of the nuclear and other arms industries to provide for human and environmental needs

Ricardo "Rick" Flores WCP - labor cartoonist 

School of the Americas Watch - close the US Army "school" whose graduates have been involved in notorious human rights abuses in Latin America

Scouting for All - seeks to end discrimination of the Boy Scouts of America towards gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth and adults

Sondra Audin Armer - poetry and improv

Transformation Central - a space for all dreamers working for economic, social, and environmental changes--people healing themselves and coming together to create a more just, free, and sustainable world. Share stories-- synthesize ideas, resources, and diversity; inspire, and be inspired!

Union County Peace Council - working to end war with a commitment to creating a better world through education, support and community outreach

Universal Health Care Action Network

Voter March - a US organization for voter rights and electoral reform with 60 US Chapters; lots of resources and info on its web site

Woodstock Museum - a wonderful place to visit in person or on the web: video, music, arts, environmental resources and more

World Water Rescue Foundation - if you're interested in one of the greatest challenges to human survival in all of its aspects, go here immediately

XPDNC Labour Directory - internet support for working people around the world: links catalogued by subject, sorted geographically by country & updated weekly

Z Magazine - needs no introduction; provides a music of social change resource at: Z-Net Creative Song Lyrics which includes Tous Ensemble