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Urgent SONGS!  *  Emergency Music Audio!

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FLASH!!! The issue of Gays in the Boy Scouts is back. Check out the GAY FREE BOY SCOUTS song, our interview about it and the Supreme Court decision at this special page on our web site.


If voting is going to decide elections, WE NEED PAPER BALLOTS  or A REAL PAPER TRAIL, NOT JUST A COMPUTER TO TELL US WHO WON at the end of the day.

Click here to hear or download: VOTES ON PAPER!



VOTES ON PAPER by Ray Korona

They said vote in the election; itís what good people do
Weíve got this new machine; amazing but itís true
Just touch the screen a few times, it computes your vote for you
And you donít even need any paper
They swore it couldnít crash; the program couldnít fail
There wasnít any reason to keep a paper trail
But the counters all went crazy; we were sold a fairy tale
Now itís hopeless Ďcause they left us without paper

You can scream, you can plead, you can argue all night
They may be wrong; you may be right
Use a voting machine to settle the fight
Just be sure it records your vote on paper

Our candidate was winning; the polls were very sure
She spoke out for the people; she campaigned against the war
And we knew she really meant what she told us she was for
And they called her the front runner in the paper
The exit polls confirmed it; her lead was growing fast
But the digital read-outs left everyone aghast
Her opponent got more votes than the total that were cast
Bet she would have done much better on paper

Repeat Chorus

If you go shopping at a store when your purchase is complete
You pay for what you bought and they hand you a receipt
It establishes a record that makes it hard to cheat
Since what you paid is written on the paper
If someone selling you his car would ask you to pay cash
On a handshake and his word, would it seem a little rash
To trust him with your money, well I just got this flash
Wouldnít that be just like voting with no paper

Repeat Chorus

performed by Ivice, Gina Tlamsa, Ellen Davidson, Sharon Abreu and Ray

© 2007 by Ray Korona



This song, SEND ME AN AMBULANCE,  has been speaking out for health care for far too many years. It was used by Senator Wellstone in his campaign for single payer, by Jobs With Justice in major rallies, by NPR and Pacifica, copied and passed around all over Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Still, it is needed more than ever as trillions of dollars are spent on war while people suffer and die needlessly from lack of money spent on health care.

IN SUPPORT OF THIS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT CAUSE, we invite you to DOWNLOAD THIS SONG FOR FREE and play it to everyone you know!

Click here to get the song: SEND ME AN AMBULANCE!




Dr. Jones is driving to see the Governor;
He's smiling all the way!
The thrill of healing the high and mighty
Might fade if the Governor didn't pay.
But he gets all the care he needs.
It comes free with his job.
For such fine doctoring the rest of us
Better go out looking for a bank to rob.

chorus: Send me an ambulance when I need one.
Give me something for my pain.
Tell the government to pay the hospital.
I'll be back on my feet again.

Mary's job once gave her insurance benefits:
Blue Cross, Blue Tooth, Blue Hair.
Her job is gone with its health protection.
She can't buy insurance now and that's not fair.
But she's too risky, they all say.
The answer comes back "No!"
With two bad toothaches in just three years time,
Mary isn't welcome in their HMO.

repeat chorus

Presidents must plan for a balanced budget--
The President says so.
It would be ideal if we all had health care,
But bankers and generals are short on dough.
So think positive, you'll get well soon.
Try sunflower seeds.
Don't breath the air or drink the water and
Maybe you won't have any health care needs.

repeat chorus

performed by Ivice, Ellen Davidson, Sharon Abreu, Kevin Hayes, Chip Fabrizi and Ray

© 1992 by Ray Korona



Share it with everybody you think should hear it. Fight back to save Social Security!

Click Here for song in standard  .mp3 format (128kbps, 2.88MB)

Click Here for higher quality .mp3 format (192kbps, 4.33MB)

Click Here for a lead sheet of the song in .pdf

    --featuring Barry Kornhauser-bass, Lara Gonzalez-djembe (African drum), Gina Tlamsa-harmony vocals, Ray-lead vocal & acoustic guitar


SOCIAL SECURITY RAG * music & lyrics by Ray Korona

Social Security always took a chunk of my weekly pay
For benefits it doled out and funds it stored away
I knew when I got too old to work, Iíd still survive okay
Now you say my moneyís goneógo buy some stocks and pray

Iíve got rent bills, electric bills, medical and dental bills
And eatingís not a low priority
I need bus fare, clothes to wear, shoe repair and a pair of glasses so I still can see
Hereís a dose of reality:
My Social Security
Belongs to me

Wall Street profits were flying high, then the bubble burst
So you cut taxes for the rich; put big money first
You pushed us into a senseless war and emptied out the purse
Youíre gonna teach me to save?! Our roles should be reversed

Repeat chorus

Things that you say youíre foróvalues you invoke
Never match what you do; you treat it like a joke
If you really want to do whatís right instead of blowing smoke
Hands off Social Security; donít leave our seniors broke

Repeat chorus


Goodbye War

US Out of Iraq & Afghanistan

Click here to hear or download: GOODBYE WAR

GOODBYE WAR by Ray Korona 

The government says go fight this war

Be the great defender of freedomís shore

Get a pay check too, a big world tour

And a medal if you die

Live each day with a gun in your hand

Shoot to kill upon command

Just donít go asking why 


They said we had to attack Iraq

For reasons that never were true

Now they say we have to stay

So theyíll be sending you 

Hear their words they sound so lame

The war promoters are the very same

Profiteers in a money game

With billions to be made

Megabucks for rebuilding Iraq

Youíre just lucky to come back

Thanks, for the role you played 

      Repeat chorus 

Big Oil is awash in cash

With huge tax cuts to save their stash

While levies here are left to crash

And the people left to die

Blood for oil from our fighting Marines

Blood for oil from New Orleans

Itís time to say goodbye 

       Repeat chorus 

                              © 2007 by Ray Korona


performed by Sharon Abreu and Ray



IMPORTANT Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Information

    Now, more than ever before, basic rights and freedoms in the US are being taken away by legislation and executive action as part of a "war on terrorism." These are not small, insignificant changes. Both citizens and non-citizens now have far fewer rights in the areas of speech, privacy, imprisonment, counsel, travel and more. For more, go to the ACLU's informative web site which includes things you can do in this regard.

Check out: The Safe Thing To Do, a CD that addresses these issues and other urgent concerns through music.



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