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A selection of Ray's Lyrics

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A Little Too Much Sunshine

Fragile Planet * A Little Too Much Sunshine * Water - The Song * Displaced * Sing Like Pete * Play the Rock Music Loud * The Cost of Freedom * The Turning of the Years * Rotten to the Root * Common Ground * Votes on Paper * When You're Falling in Love * Just Say Manana * Message in a Bottle

The Safe Thing To Do

Toys for Peace * Listen to the Earth * Trimming the Fat Right Off the Budget * Tommy-the Computer Kid * Meant to Be * Social Security Rag * The Safe Thing * Too Many Acoustic Guitars * Not My Kind * Long Live Our Community Garden! * What Can You Say to the Rain? * People Will Be Dancing!

The People Are In Charge!

Teratorn * The People Are In Charge! * Gay Free Boy Scouts * Just Words * Globalization Blues * We’re Marching to Let Them Live * No Matter how hard It Gets * Incinerator * Vote for Prisons * A Book By Its Cover * The Power of Love And Light * Big Step To Freedom

A Friend Like You

Tous Ensemble * A Friend Like You * Calling the Law * One Song for Me * Ballad of Joe Homeless * Executive Hill * Ambrosio * Vision of Peace * The Great Folk Rip-Off * Peoples' Voice Cafe * Goodbye Old Friend * Our Soup of Many Lands

It's Still the 60's

Coming Home When You Sing * It's Still the 60's * Hours of the Morning * Office Song * Polluting Is Fun * Song for a Potter * Jim * Whatever happened to Crazy Kate? * Moro Bay * Outer Space, Inc. * Painting the Air * With Love



Free Harbors


Maybe You're A Yuppie * Jennifer's Music *  Tide of Love *  Where Do We Go From Here * Job Song * Free Harbors * New Age Department Store * Grampa Took A Walk * Melinda * Paper * We're Like The Seasons * Message of Peace

$5 Working People's Music Tape

Workfare Life * We Will Have Dignity (sweatshops) * (If there's sexual harassment, I'm) Calling the Law * Send Me An Ambulance * Office Song * Downsized! * Tous Ensemble * Jobs for All